At the end of each visa category it is pointed out whether or not an applicant may qualify for permanent residence on the basis of the requirements laid out there.

In general it should be noted that the permanent residence visa in South Africa allows its holder maximum flexibility with regards to entry and exit as well as regarding any activities followed in South Africa. In some categories or instances the visas are issued under certain terms and conditions. After 5 years at the latest every permanent resident is generally free to choose his/her activity in South Africa.

The status of permanent resident does not affect the holder’s citizenship. The permanent resident can obtain a South African identity book endorsed as “non-citizen”, but not a South African passport

Each foreigner is advised to carefully contemplate his/her taking up of permanent residence, as this may in some instances lead to the loss of certain tax advantages.

Persons who have previously been granted permanent residence visas in South Africa, subsequently left the country and wish to take up residence again will find it worth their while to have the validity of their original visas checked. A consultation with an immigration expert is particularly advisable.