As South Africa’s premier visa and immigration consulting firm, we focus solely on the success of visa applications and related immigration services. We are proud to provide our clients with 10 years of experience and a 100% success rate regarding our visa applications.

Our services are directed at individuals as well as corporate clients.

We understand that in the context of any person’s relocation out of South Africa (be it a worker, an entrepreneur, a retiree, a student, a visitor or a relative of a foreign citizen) the successful application for an appropriate residence permit is critical. Securing this permit is the main pre-requisite for the person’s personal and professional start in the country. It is with this in mind that we approach our work and deliver our services to you, resulting in the high levels of motivation, precision and personal and professional dedication we have become known for.

In choosing the permit category and in preparing the application there are numerous pitfalls that can cause delays and may even jeopardize the application. Throughout the application process Os Migration offers you the certainty that the application is prepared diligently and comprehensively, that relevant authorities are dealt with in the appropriate manner and that applicable legislation as well as relevant amendments to it are thoroughly understood in order to ensure the final success of the application process.


  • Expediting certificates issued by Home Affairs

    • Unabridged birth Certificate
    • Vault copy
    • Unabridged/abridged marriage certificate
  • Apostille and Notarize all documents in South Africa

    • School documents
    • Driver’s license authentication
    • Birth, Marriage certificates
  • Portuguese or South African Police Clearance

  • Translations

    • English – Portuguese
    • Afrikaans – English / Portuguese
  • Registration of Birth in Portugal

    • Submitted in South Africa or Portugal directly
  • Marriage Registrations in Portugal

  • Registration of Divorces in Portugal

    • Obtaining Divorce decree from South African courts
    • Apostilling and Notarizing
  • Death Registration in Portugal

  • Inheritance

    • Power of Attorney
    • Process at Consulate and in Portugal
  • Change of Names in Portugal

  • Tax/Fiscal Number in Portugal

  • Immigration to Portugal

    • Assistance with SEF application and appointment
    • IMT
    • Junta de Freguesia
    • Health Number
    • Study Visas
    • Spousal visa
    • D2/D7 visa